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Interior Designers, Commissions & Collectors

Interior Designers
Julie Markfield greatly values collaborating with interior designers to enable the placement of fine works of art in their residential and commercial projects. Markfield works with designers on the scale, placement, and framing to maximize the beauty of their spaces. Markfield is also happy to meet with you for an in-house presentation or you may visit her Southern California studio to view many works of art in person. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions about a particular piece of art or the work in general.

Markfield is represented by B. David Levine ( in West Hollywood, California with limited pieces available at Tufenkian Fine Arts in Glendale, California

Commissions and Collectors
Collectors, and those seeking to commission a work of art, are encouraged to reach out to Markfield directly or connect with her through their interior designer. If local, she would be happy to make a home visit to get a sense of a collector’s personal style, expectations, scale, and price point.

Artist Statement

How I Paint
My approach to the creation of a work of art starts with fast, instinctive, gestural marks; large body movements; small hand gestures; eyes closed, eyes open; left hand, right hand; grabbing tools, paints, pastels, markers, and pencils pushing the surface in unexpected directions, responding as I go. This fluid approach, called “non-objective” painting, is at the heart of how I differentiate myself. The work takes on an emotional and often happy vibe, with unexpected twists and turns.

Finding Mental Harmony
In an emotional and visceral experience, I am energized and excited by the freedom that paint allows. On my best days, I enter a state commonly referred to as “the zone”. A sense of time and self disappear as I achieve mental harmony where the only thoughts are of movement, form, balance, color, depth, texture, and shape. If I’m lucky, hours can go by without notice. I listen to music of all sorts from classical to rap. The louder the better. I hear the rhythm in my head and let the music influence my gestures.

The Naming of a Painting
Markfield leaves the naming of her pieces until several are completed. She spreads the paintings out on the floor and walks among them, giving her intuition full rein. Sometimes it’s a memory of a color, place, person, history, object, or feeling that leads to a name. It’s the final layer of storytelling for the piece.

Representation, Shows & Publications

Gallery Representation
B. David Levine, Beverly Hills, California

SOLO Show 2020 JULIE MARKFIELD: B. David Levine, Los Angeles, California
GROUP Show 2019 Holiday Group Show, Tufenkian Fine Arts, Glendale, California
SOLO Show 2019 JULIE MARKFIELD: Awakening & Remembering, Tufenkian Fine Arts, Glendale, California
GROUP Show 2018 Pasadena Art Alliance, Pasadena, California
GROUP Show 2016 Pasadena Art Alliance, Pasadena, California
SOLO Show Frogtown Art Walk 2016, Skinny Gallery, Los Angeles, California
SOLO Show Curve Line Space 2015, Los Angeles, California
2015 Chevy Chase Estates Association CANYON Conversations with local artists, Glendale, California


About the Artist

Julie Markfield is a Los Angeles-based fine artist. She believes it is important to get to know the person behind the painting to better understand how and why the artist applies the paint, how they relate to the energy of the surface, and better immerse themselves in the vibe the artist has created.

Markfield loves life and people. All of her life experiences – the good, the bad, and the mundane day-to-day, find their way into her paintings through gestural energy.

She can never have enough people in her life, but there are a core few who she is grateful for (thank you, dear friends, you know who you are). She loves parties and entertaining and especially her standard poodles.

What’s most important in her life is her family. She has two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Vanessa, and has been married to architect, Greg Crawford for almost 35 years.

Her early career spanned over 30 years and most of it was spent as founder and CEO of CMg Design, a graphic design and branding firm in Los Angeles specializing in work for corporate America, museums and educational institutions. She likes to say she was painting her whole life but for those early years she was painting with typography, photography, and graphics. She has been focused on painting on canvas and paper since 2012 and is excited about the next 30 years of creative exploration.

Formal Education
Markfield holds a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and has additional qualifications from the Parsons School of Design in New York City, the New England School of Photography in Boston, and Brunel University in the United Kingdom. Markfield also studied with Wendell Castle in upstate NY and Lazlo Roth in NYC.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Markfield worked in graphic design in Boston. In those early, pre-electronic-design days, Markfield’s work had a collage-making vibe. In 1988, Markfield and her husband, Greg Crawford, moved west. On the strength of the collages in her portfolio, Markfield scored her first Los Angeles graphic design job with legendary graphic designer and filmmaker, Saul Bass. That was her launching pad in to the LA graphic design scene!

Early influences
Markfield’s childhood experiences with art revolved around the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and Temple Beth Zion both in Buffalo, New York, her hometown.

For more than 150 years, the Albright-Knox has collected, conserved, and exhibited the art of its time, often working directly with living artists. This tradition has given rise to one of the world’s most extraordinary collections of modern and contemporary art that Markfield was fortunate to experience in her early years.

Some of Markfield’s fondest memories at the Albright are: Marisol’s “Baby Girl”, Lucas Samaras “Mirrored Room”, and Louise Nevelson’s “Sky Cathedral”. At Temple Beth Zion, modernist architect Max Abramovitz designed this house of worship with glass windows by artist Ben Shahn. A poured concrete structure made up the synagogue walls in a brutalist fashion that enthralled Markfield. Early on she fell in love with not only museums but with art, light, and space.